It’s official! Today we got the keys to our very own first home!

Lots and lots of keys…


In fact, so many keys, we have far more keys than we have doors! Keys we can’t figure out which lock they fit, keys that look like they don’t belong in our house, and keys that open doors that we didn’t look behind when we viewed the house. One key revealed a bonus toilet in the garden…perfect for the house warming party we have already started planning!

We also found a lovely gift and card from our vendor, and a bottle of bubbly from our estate agent…

House warming gift


We drank these as we stood in our empty living room wondering where the hell we are going to start?! After much deliberation…and wine…we decided that we will start…tomorrow! For now, we are going to bask in the wonderfulness that is knowing that this is ours!!! 

The hard work can start tomorrow!

Craig & Casey

Outside the house