So here we are…the day we have dubbed “getting the keys eve”. We are just a few short hours away from getting the keys to our very own home!

We have gone through the house hunting, the mortgage hunting, the wrangling with the bank, and the wrangling with the solicitor. We finally feel confident enough to do the big reveal, it’s all going through and it’s all very, very real now. So here we go…



Front of House


This…is what all the nights in, tears and tantrums have been about!

This…is our two-up two-down little slice of loveliness in York.

We’ll get round to telling you all about how we came to purchase this house later, but for now we’re going to (try) and get some sleep. We have a big day ahead of us what with all the “posing under the Sold sign” we’ll be doing tomorrow!