As you know we’re completely rewiring and re-plumbing down at “the house two doors down” and, as we’re doing all of the work ourselves, progress is slow and not visible to the naked eye (but honest it IS happening!)!

Wires wires everywhere...and still no electricity!

Wires wires everywhere…and still no electricity!


Lots of lots of money’s worth of cables and wiring have disappeared under the floorboards, never to be seen again and the house looks exactly the same! It’s disheartening but it’s got to be done.

So to cheer myself up while Dad and Craig carried on stuffing all our money under the floor my mum and I went shopping. Well it was a Bank Holiday after all and that can only mean one thing…Bank Holiday Sales!

Exhausted from all the sales shopping...

Exhausted from all the sales shopping…

BHS had a big sale on lighting and I love a bargain so here are some of the lighting choices for the house and the first sneak peek at our interior design plans…



I also bought these adorable initial cushions from Matalan

Matalan Alphabet Cushions - grab your here.

Matalan Alphabet Cushions – grab yours here.

they’re £8 each including the inner cushion, they’re really good quality and they are great for adding a personal touch! I don’t even know where they are going to go yet but I HAD to have them!

For now there’s not much else we can show you but as soon as the floorboards go back down we’ll be right back on it again! While we’re waiting this week I will share some of my Pinterest idea boards so you can get a feel for where we are going with the house.