Ok ok I know, we’ve neglected the blog over the last few weeks (months) but we’ve been really (really really really) busy in the house! I mean…really busy!

This is just some of the biggest jobs we have got done in the last few weeks:

– The new ensuite has walls! Real life, plastered, so smooth you want to rub them, walls!

– The bedrooms have had some much needed TLC. We fitted the Victorian cast iron fireplaces that we refurbished ourselves (more on that to come) and we made a start on sanding my precious original floorboards! Craig also spent all day yesterday putting coving up! I have to say I never realised he had so many talents! He’s doing an awesome jobs on all of the fiddly bits you would usually have to pay someone a fortune to do!

image image

– The main bathroom has been gutted. We were going to leave this as it was the only room in the house that was in a (moderately) good condition. However, once the rest of the house had been gutted we decided to just go for it and finish the job…leave no tile behind!

If you're doing one room, why not do them all?!

If you’re doing one room, why not do them all?!

– The plumbing is finished!

– The rewiring is finished!

– The kitchen ceiling had to come down to get the plumbing in for the main bathroom (a small sacrifice to ensure that no harm would come to my precious original floor boards upstairs!).



Who needs a ceiling in the kitchen anyway?!

Who needs a ceiling in the kitchen anyway?!



Our new kitchen is so important and we love the supplier so much I’m going to do a separate post dedicated just to this topic right now!!!