Craig’s mum Julie came up this weekend to see what we’ve got done so far at the house and was desperate to get stuck in and demolish something so we let her loose on the stinky, greasy, orange and green, nasty kitchen!

Seriously, this kitchen was just gross, naff and sticky…it HAD to go!

Goodbye stinky kitchen - Before

Goodbye stinky kitchen – Before


...Hello sticky walls!

…Hello sticky walls!


What we found underneath was just as sticky and gross…the walls are coated in grease, and the floor is mouldy…lovely! Oh and removing the top cabinets revealed what can only be described as “the worst plaster job ever”…the wall bulges out by about 1.5 inches and the plaster is cracking and falling away so that’s all going to have to come off too…yippee….

On the plus side we’re going out this week to design the new kitchen so watch this space for details from that.

Me being the bargain hunter that I am I decided to keep the old kitchen units to refurbish to use in the utility room. I found some tips and tutorials on Pinterest on how to transform old kitchens into newer style ones and it looks fairly simple (she says hopefully) and cheap to do…so it’s worth a try right?

With this Kitchen Hack you will be able to transform your flat doors into shaker style cabinets.

I’ll let you know how I get on…