We’ve had an exhausting week this week chez “house 2 doors down”. We’ve been busy knocking out walls to make space for what will be the new ensuite and to make more space in the living room.

We had a builder round to check whether the walls we wanted to remove were load bearing – very important as we don’t want the roof (or next door) caving in on us while we sleep!

It turns out that the wall where the bathroom is going wasn’t load bearing and wasn’t actually attached to anything, so we (and by we I mean Craig – obvs) just went ahead and attacked that one with a lump hammer!


The wall in the living room however was load bearing and despite my insistence that I could singlehandedly take it down and install a lintel myself (I’m a woman of many talents!), Craig very sensibly insisted on leaving that one to the professionals. So (reluctantly) I agreed to actually PAY someone to do some of the work! I HATE paying for stuff!!! But I have to admit, it cost a lot less than we thought it would AND took just a couple of hours to do. Money well spent!


Lesson learned this week:

Get a quote from a professional for some of the bigger work that you shouldn’t really be doing yourselves, it may cost less than you think and will definitely save time and effort on your part!